SMOK RPM 0.6 Ohm Triple Coils (5 Pack)


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SMOK RPM Triple Coil 0.6

Pack of 5 genuine replacement SMOK RPM triple coils 0.6Ω Ohm.

Compatible with the SMOK RPM40 pod mod.

The box comes with a scratch sticker so you can check the authenticity of this product.

Coils in the SMOK RPM series:

  • 0.3Ω Ohm – Mesh (10-15W) – massive vapour, good flavour, longer life, MTL
  • 0.4Ω Ohm – Mesh (25W) – best flavour, faster heating process
  • 0.6Ω Ohm – Triple (25W) – excellent flavour and vapour
  • 1.0Ω Ohm – Single – (best 14W) intense flavour, dense vapour
  • 1.2Ω Ohm – Quartz (best 12W) – purer flavour, fast heat up

Safety Notice

This is a dedicated coil for an all-in-one kit, but just in case there are other separate tank options in the future, or you use the coil in another tank, be aware that sub-Ohm tanks and coils must be used by experienced and knowledgeable users as additional safety precautions must be practiced when using these items. These products need to work on a mod/battery capable of firing at sub-Ohm resistances. So, for example, if you have a 0.5 Ohm coil in your tank, your mod/battery must be capable of firing at 0.5 Ohm resistance, or lower. You also need to ensure your device can cope with the amps. Improper use can lead to physical injury and damaged equipment.

Resistance – Ohms/Ω

The main difference between a lower Ohm/Ω coil versus a higher number is that less voltage is required for the lower Ohm. The lower Ohm coil is generally likely to heat faster, produce a warmer vapour and more of it. Use our blog link for more information about what are Ohms and an easy-to-understand explanation about electrical resistance and the advantages and disadvantages of your various options.

Most coils have the Ohms Ω written on them.

If you’re using regular coils you may see 1.2Ω, 1.5Ω or 1.8Ω for example.

If you’re using a sub-Ohm coil you may see 0.15Ω, 0.3Ω, 0.5Ω, etc

How to prime coils

‘Priming’ is essential to avoid a vile burnt taste and ruined coils. For more information see our blog about priming coils.

A quick guide to regular e-liquid blends

65/70% PG – These blends also contain 30/35% VG and they’re usually ideal for standard heating coils with a resistance of somewhere between 1.5Ω to 2.5Ω (this number is often written on the coil in small writing). They’re often ok down to 1.0Ω but performance will depend on your coil. There is less vapour with PG liquids.

50% VG – these blends also contain 50% PG and they’re designed for standard coils with a resistance of 1.0Ω through to 1.8Ω, as a guide. Many 50% VG blends also work well with sub-Ohm coils but it’s trial an error and will depend on your coil. This juice blend will usually provide a medium amount of vapour but less flavour if you’re not able to vary the power output on your device.

70% VG e-liquid – best suited to sub-Ohm coils (sub-Ohm means less than 1.0Ω) and a device with variable power because you will probably need to adjust the output to achieve optimum flavour. Higher VG blends produce a lot more vapour cloud.

Sub-Ohm coils generally require thicker e-liquid, that means more of the VG than PG. It’s the VG that produces more vapour and a smoother throat hit.

For sub-Ohm coils, the average is a 70-75% VG blend but it’s trial an error, sometimes a 50% VG will work well for you, for others it’s an 80% VG. It depends on your coils and your set-up and it depends on your personal preferences too.

Be aware that 6mg (0.6%) nicotine is often a maximum strength e-liquid to use in a sub-Ohm device. If you can’t take the hit from the increased vapour, turning the power down may cause more problems than it solves, instead you need to reduce the nicotine strength.

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